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Property Type

Legal Description

Total Area




Residential Development

Section 11 Block III Tairua District Survey

23,8200 Ha [more or less]

34 Blocks 2.5 Ha [min] Low Density Residential Subdivision

Power & Telephone Network, Local Waste Water Discharge

20,000 Litres Natural Springs or Town Water by Design


The Investment will provide 3 managed investment structures
available to qualified investors ranging from short term investment
to long term bare land investment or urban development investment.


The Pauanui Estates offers several investment opportunities from the development of bare land to structured long term & short term investments. The development will see community contributions short term accommodation and long term urban residential living.

Development Types

Community Exhibit
Residential Type A
Residential Type B
Short Term Accommodation
Maritime Access Points
Community Walking Tracks


Investment Options

Joint Venture

Urban Development of the Pauanui Estates to bare land parcels, roading and services for the purpose of secondary investment to the open public or private markets.

Capital Investment

Investment could be perfected by way of Capital Investment into the Hoyo Global corporation to develop the Pauanui Estates property to Stage I bare land development  

Secured Lending

An option for secured lending by way first mortgage security if this is preferred option for international or local investors offering a fixed dividend return to qualified investors.

TThe Estates is nestled in the famous Coromandel Peninsula in the effluent Pauanui which has been rated as one of most popular holiday region for New Zealand’s most influential business executives for over the past twenty years.

This subdivision is a low density residential site with the option of subdivision of 34 blocks,15 of
those proposed blocks are potentially further sub dividable into two blocks each, (subject to
resource consent), each with a minimum size of 2,500m2. Most sites will get a northerly elevated view with water access, walkways and native bush. There are 2 spring water sources on the property with capacity of 20,000 litres per hour. There is power and electricity connected to the land. The recently completed walkway and cycle track enable access from the property through to Pauanui along the water’s edge, and is also within walking distance to the Pauanui Lake Resort and golf club. The Pauanui Lake Resort offers many activities in the region from peaceful lake walks
to challenging water course golf. The area has one of the highest reported rates of tourism activity
and is known to be one of New Zealand’s most affluent summer get-aways. Pauanui boasts a
beautiful sandy beach over 3 kilometers long with a gentle gradient making a good location for swimming surfing windsurfing & kite surfing. The addition of Hoyo Iredi’s new short  term  accommodation chalets will provide further resource to enjoy the local community. The 58m2 Chalets have luxurious water & forestry views harbouring a single bedroom with luxurious ensuite walking wardrobe, living kitchen with breakfast bar & more.


The Chalets will have an estimated market value of approx. $365,000.000 providing an exclusive opportunity to capitalize on the vibrant holiday market. Each Chalet has its own parking with external storage to take advantage of the area’s abundant walks hiking cycling & fishing activities. The resort will be nestled on the vibrant slopes overlooking the Tairua Harbour offering open water access to the coastal or deep sea fishing enabling the hunting of famous marlin, broadbill, kingfish or tuna both blue & yellow tuna. The Pauanui Estates is less than a 2 hour drive from Auckland’s International Airport through the lovely the Thames & Coromandel country side nestling some of the most scenic offerings available to New Zealand. With forecasted growth destined for the region directly overseen by the mayor the region is set to slow growth over the coming years with industry, innovation and export said to be key drivers with views to population growth and increased tourism opportunity the region is said to see growth in the coming years.


This factor amplified by existing tourism provides great demand for further residential development in the Pauanui region through theintroduction of short long-term and lifestyle type developments. The Pauanui Estates is a sound investment with strong exit to market available for qualified investors wishing to support growth in New Zealand



The Pauanui Estates will provide structured investment for urban development of bare land and bare land investment parcels for future private structure investment residential development.

Urban Development

Structured Investments will be available for the initial development of bare land to urban bare land parcels for the purposes of short term accommodation to residential housing parcels.


Short Term Accommodation

The Estates offers structured investment for short term accommodation chalets where 2 stages of investment offered the raw land development to urban standard and the stage 2
accommodation development.

Residential Development

The Estates offers structured residential development investment opportunities which will see the full managed development of residential housing for the purposes of resale to the private or open public market.


Pauanui Estates will provide many advantages to the local community through the  development of Walking Tracks, Local Maritime Access, Short Term Holiday  Accommodation to Community Exhibition.

Walking Tracks

The Estates through the urban development will provide a series of native walking tracks open to the public to allow the enjoyment of the natural resources.

Local Maritime Access

The Estates through the urban development will provide maritime access to local estuaries and open coastal resources allowing functional access for recreational maritime users.

Short Term Holiday Accommodation

The Estates through the urban development will provide short term accommodation to the vibrant holiday market allowing quality accommodation with tranquil panoramic water views.

Community Exhibits

The Estates offers a community pavilion for local exhibitions to be held for the benefit of the community & festive type activities. The pavilion will be available for remunerative and non-remunerative public events.

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