70 Holliss Avenue, Cashmere Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand

The proposal is to develop a high quality gated community in one of the top districts in Christchurch. By developing a high quality community with the latest in solar powered lighting we will be aiming to set a benchmark for others to reach. It will also be aiming to win the respect of the local council in order for us to gain further assistance in other future projects. The project can be developed in two separate ways.

  • Develop and sell the individual sections with the owners then under contract to build within a certain style that is in keeping with the other properties

  • Build on the sections and sell the home and land packages according to our master plan. 

Both of these alternatives can be done in stages. In fact we can offer the house and land package off the plans so that the owner has their choice of house. This will give us cashflow as the payments are made before the house is completed.

NOTE: Please refer to the two attached reports from the Christchurch Real Estate agent showing the value of sections in Cashmere hills and also house and land packages based on recent sales in the immediate region.

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