About Us

There are many challenges that currently face mankind. One of the most basic and most important is the ability for people to be able to afford to buy their own homes. Globally there has been a rise in the cost of housing with many landlords pulling their properties off the rental market because they can achieve higher incomes renting the rooms out on a short term basis, rather than rent to families. This has resulted in a rise in homelessness and also in the inability for young people to enter the market where they can comfortably buy their own place. 

The Hoyo International Real Estate Development and Investment Group, Ltd is a company that has been formed in order to provide some solutions. Rather than just build low cost and low quality housing, the concept is to examine the market and find cutting edge techniques that leads to a quality home solution at an affordable and realistic price. By looking internationally the aim is to source the best from different markets and compile them into a range of solutions that will then be made available to different markets around the world. 

This is proudly a multi country joint venture that will strive to find solutions that will make life easier for the common person. We hope that you will join us. 

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